The Easter Tri-State Event is an annual get-together of members of the Jackaroo and Holden 4WD Clubs of NSW, Vic., and SA.

It started on a very small scale in 2000 when a small number (six couples) of enthusiastic members from the three club got together in Murray Sunset National Park in north-west Victoria. In that year it was held on the June long-weekend. It was at this gathering that it was decided that we should try and make this an annual event, hosted in turn by each of the three clubs. Because of the distances required to be travelled by other than the host State, it was decided that we should hold the event on the Easter long weekend, when more time was available.

It has now grown from an initial attendance of 6 vehicles to over 80 vehicles in 2013.

It has now been held every year since 2000.

RFDS-2008-2Over the past years NSW and the other States have used the event to raise much needed funds for local community groups and charities.  From the 2008 event NSW donated $4000 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and in 2011 donated $2500 to the Tumut Hospital and $500 to CareFlight.  The other States have also donated funds to various organisations within their State.  In 2014, NSW will also be raising funds to donate to local community group(s).

In 2014 the NSW Jackaroo 4WD Club will be hosting the event at Rydal from the 17th to the 22nd April.  Rydal is a small, historic village, off the main highway, between Lithgow and Bathurst – about 15 Km from Lithgow and 42 Km from Bathurst.  It is approx. 800 Km from Melbourne and 1220 Km from Adelaide by road, depending upon the route taken and the software used to do the calculations.
GPS Coordinates – 33° 29′ 01.5″ S      150° 02′ 06.8″  E
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We have a number of organisations supporting our event and we encourage all members to support these companies whenever possible as acknowledgement of their support for us.  We thanks them all for their assistance in providing prizes for our raffles, and many other forms of donations.  The ever growing list of these companies can be found under the “SUPPORTERS” tab on the menu bar.


These are the years, venues and logos of the events held since 2000:

2001 – Roto – “Roto Round-Up”

2002 – Rankin Springs – “Back to the Land”

2003 – Spear Creek – “Fun In The Flinders”

2004 – El Dorado – “El Dorado”

2005 – Cobark – “Cobark Campout”

2006 – Kangaroo Inn – “Down To The Beach”

2007 – Tolmie – “Up The Hill To Tolmie”

2008 – Queanbeyan – “Capital Campout”

2009 – Merna Mora – “Merna Mora Muster”

2010 – Tolmie – “Tolmie 2010”

2011 – Tumut – “Alpine Adventure”

2012 – Whyalla – “Whyalla”

2013 – Moonambel – “Pyrenees”

2014 – Rydal

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